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Minnehaha Academy has a strong legacy of supporting our athletics programs. Currently, we offer 65 teams at Minnehaha Academy. Your support is vital to the ongoing success and development of Minnehaha Academy Athletics.

How to Support Athletics


The key to a positive and supportive athletic program is community involvement. Our goal is for each family who has a student involved in athletics to volunteer. This is a tangible way to make an impact.

Sponsorship and Advertisement

Many of the items we provide would not be possible without the tremendous support we receive from our sponsors or those organizations/ individuals that advertise.

We have several advertising opportunities in programs, at events, on fields, in arenas and gymnasiums.

If you are connected to a company that would like to advertise or become a sponsor, please contact Josh Thurow by e-mail.

Make a direct gift

Minnehaha strives to improve our facilities, equipment and athletic programs.

If there is an identified athletic need or improvement you would be willing to fund, please contact Josh Thurow by e-mail.


Buy an Athletics Pass

Buying an athletic pass provides essential support for Minnehaha Athletics – your purchase directly supports athletics.

Your season pass gains you access to all Minnehaha Academy home games.

The season pass is good for one entire school year.

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