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Watch Minnehaha Academy Athletic Events Online

We are happy to announce the installation of new camera systems at the following Minnehaha athletic facilities:

  • Bergstrom Court (main court)
    • Volleyball
    • Boys’ Basketball
    • Girls’ Basketball
  • Ice Arena
    • Boys’ Hockey
    • Girls’ Hockey

These cameras will allow live streaming of all home games played in these facilities. In addition to the live streaming of all Minnehaha home games, every school in the Independent Metro Athletic Conference (IMAC) has also installed the same camera systems in their athletic facilities as well. All IMAC schools will have live streaming in their gym facilities, some will have it in their hockey arenas, and some will have them on their fields. This will allow you to live stream some of our away contests when we are competing within the conference.


PlayOn! Sports is the nation’s leading high school sports media company, streaming more live events than any other company in the country. PlayOn! operates The NFHS Network, a joint venture of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), its member State Associations, and PlayOn!. PlayOn! manages the day-to-day operations of the NFHS Network, which delivers live and on demand high school events on their website.


Above the bleachers you will notice a large white camera hanging from the wall. It has 4 mini cameras on it and most impressively, has the technology to track the ball during games. It zooms in and out during play. This automated camera records the game, with only about a 30 second real time delay. You can watch from your computer, iPad, or phone.


To watch games live there is a subscription fee which provides you with the option of paying monthly, four-month, or annually. Part of your subscription fee will go back to Minnehaha to support our athletic programs.

72 hours after each game the broadcast will be free to watch.



  1. Visit The NFHS Network website.
  2. Select a Subscription Plan if you desire.

Watch Online

Visit Minnehaha’s NFHS page for a quick selection of all Minnehaha games you wish to watch.

To watch live you will need to sign up for a subscription.

Games are free to watch 72 hours after the actual game time.

Watch Online

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