Soccer (Boys)

Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School / Boys

Program Overview

The Boys Soccer program is fun and competitive. We encourage, motivate and teach players valuable life-long skills such as teamwork, responsibility of one’s behavior and developing leadership. Our philosophy is communication and open dialogue between teammates, coaches, parents and everyone in between. We believe that coaches are role models for athletes and each other. We emphasize sportsmanship and Christian faith.

Middle School

The mission of the Minnehaha Academy Middle School Boy’s Soccer program is to utilize sports to aid in the spiritual, educational, social, and athletic growth of our student-athletes, exhorting them to maximize all their gifts. The focus is on developing the total player, not just the athlete.

Captains Practices

Captains practices begin the second Monday in August. Additional practices are scheduled over the summer.


There are tryouts that occur the first week of official practice.

Game Locations

Varsity plays on the North Campus Soccer Field (Guido Kauls Field); JV and B Squad play at Fort Snelling.


Season: August (3rd week) – October View Calendar

Coaching Staff

Brian Nacey, Varsity Head Coach

Connor Egan, JV Head Coach

Sean Jensen, MS Coach

Chris Aldrich, MS Coach

Trophy Case

Team Trophies & Awards

2002. Tri-Metro Champion

2002. Section 4A Runner-up

2002. Section 4A Academic Champion

2001. Section 4A Academic Champion

1995. Tri-Metro Gold Champion

1994. Tri-Metro Gold Champion

1993. 2nd in Gold Div.

1992. 2nd in Gold Div.

1991. Section 6 Champion, Quarter finalist in State

1990. 2nd in Gold Div., 2nd in Section 6

1989. 2nd in Gold Div.

1988. (Joined the Tri-Metro), 2nd in Gold Div.

1986. 2nd in Western Div., 2nd in Region 5

1985. 1st in Western Div., 1st MISSL Champion, Section 5 Champion, Semi- Finalist in State

1984. 2nd in Western Div., Regional Champion, Participant in State Tournament

1982. 1st in Western Div. 2nd in MISSL

1981. 1st in Western Div, 1st MISSL Champion, Regional Champion, State Runner-Up

1980. 2nd in Western Div.

1979. 2nd in Western Div

1978. 2nd in Western Div.

1977. 2nd in Western Div.

1976. 2nd in Western Div.

1961. First Boys Soccer team in the State of Minn.

Individual Trophies & Awards

2002. Guido Kauls, National Soccer Coach of the Year (retired Minnehaha soccer coach)

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