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Varsity, Junior Varsity / Boys & Girls

Program Overview

The Girls and Boys Track & Field teams have outstanding traditions of talent, fellowship, dedication and success. Both teams have celebrated multiple individual and team successes this decade, competing at the top in the Tri-Metro Conference and in Minnesota State Class A.

As a team sport, Track & Field is all about numbers! We encourage athletes of all ability levels with an interest in participation and competition to come out and join the team. We work with athletes within their event groups to teach skills necessary to excel in the sport and we develop training programs for all levels. We encourage fellowship and fun with team events and activities too!

Practices: Varsity and JV athletes practice together at the South Campus from 3:15-5:30, Monday through Saturday. Practices begin March 10th and continue past Memorial Day. For athletes advancing through Section and State competition, practices continue up to the State Meet, typically the 2nd weekend in June.

Meets: Tuesday and Thursday evenings in April and May, and occasionally on Fridays. Section and State Meets take place the first and second weekends of June.

Team Events: Watch the school calendar for a team potluck and parent information night during the first week of practice!

Team Communication: If your student is already participating on the team, please sign up for the Track and Field email distribution list to receive in-season communication from coaches about practices and meets.

Off-season Activities: As a program, we do not sponsor any particular off-season activities. Some of our athletes choose to participate in an indoor winter Track & Field Club at the Blaine NSC (for more information:, or other event-specific clinics sponsored by area colleges and clubs.

Captains Practices

Captains Practices may take place up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the season. Look for communication from Captains at the Spring Sports Sign-Up in February.


Season: March – Mid June
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Coaching Staff

Kristofor Sauer, Varsity Head Coach
Phone: (509) 289-0476

Christian Zimmerman, Varsity Assistant Coach
Phone: (612) 201-9340

Dante Britten, Varsity Assistant Coach

Joe Wistrcill, Varsity Assistant Coach

Hugh Brown, Varsity Assistant Coach

Matt Ferris, Varsity Assistant Coach

Mark Stoick, Varsity Assistant Coach

Elaine Sauer, Volunteer Coach

Kelley Gowling, Volunteer Coach

Nicole Nipper, Volunteer Coach

Joy Reist, Volunteer Coach

Scott Scholl, MS Head Coach

Collin Quinn, MS Coach

Trophy Case

Team Trophies & Awards

Boys TEAM Awards

Conference Championships: 2014, 2011, 2005, 2003, 2002, 2001, 1988

Section Championships: 2011, 2005, 1985

State Appearances and Places:

1968 (3rd), 1967 (3rd), 1966 (4th), 1965 (3rd),
1964 (3rd), 1963 (5th), 1962 (5th), 1961 (5th),
1960 (5th), 1959 (6th), 1958 (6th), 1957 (6th),
1956 (4th), 1955 (4th), 1954 (5th), 1953 (3rd),
1952 (2nd), 1950 (3rd), 1949 (3rd), 1948 (3rd),
1947 (3rd)

1971 (6th)

2014 (1st), 2005 (4th), 1985 (3rd)

Girls TEAM Awards

Conference Championships: 2013, 2001, 1998

Individual Trophies & Awards

Boys State Champions (Years)

  • Johnathon Webb 400 M (2014)
  • Chris Bradford 100 M (2007)
  • Jason Crocker 100 M (1985)
  • Bill Lang High Jump (1968)
  • Ralph Trones Long Jump (1968)
  • Tom Anderson Shot Put (1968)
  • Bill Jacobson 440 Yd Dash (1966)
  • Ed Nixon High Jump (1964)
  • Dan Parten Discus (1961)
  • Randy Russ Pole Vault (1960)
  • Pat Sheenan Shot Put (1959)
  • Svanhoe Mile Run (1956)
  • Thompson Shot Put (1956)
  • Jim Clark 120 Yd. Hurdles (1955)
  • Braun Shot Put (1953)
  • Braun Discus (1953)
  • Olstrum High Jump (1952)
  • Wellington Broad Jump (1952)


Girls State Champions (Years)

  • Tessa Flippin High Jump (2005)

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