Alpine Skiing

Varsity, Junior Varsity / Boys & Girls

Program Overview

The Minnehaha Alpine Ski team is open to girls and boys in grades 7 through 12. Our team focuses on skill improvement, teamwork and fun. We have a great range of abilities from experienced USSA racers to first-time racers. We begin the season in November with dryland training and start skiing as soon as the snow arrives. We practice at Buck Hill Ski Area. Our racing season runs from late December to mid-February.

Both varsity and JV teams race in all of the conference races and several of the non-conference races.

Game Locations

All IMAC races are held at Buck Hill Ski Area. In addition, we compete in a number of non-conference races, including Invitational races where we compete against many schools throughout Minnesota. The non-conference races are held at various ski areas in Minnesota.


Season: Second week of November – End of February
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Coaching Staff

Brooks Lillehei, Head Coach

Bruce Morrissette, Assistant Coach

Trophy Case

Team Trophies & Awards

2011. TriMetro Conference runner-up: boys’ team

2011. TriMetro Conference champs: girls’ team

2011. State 3rd place: girls’ team

2011. Section 4 champs: girls’ team

2011. Section 4 3rd place: boys’ team

2011. Academic Silver Team: boys’ team

2011. Academic Gold Team: girls’ team

2010. State, 7th place: boys’ team

2010. State, 5th place: girls’ team

2010. State Academic silver team: boys’ team

2010. State Academic gold team: girls’ team

2009. Wild Mountain Invitational, 2nd place: girls’ team

2009. State, 7th place: boys’ team

2009. State, 3rd place: girls’ team

2009. State Academic silver team: girls’ team

2009. State Academic gold team: boys’ team

2009. Conference Runner-up: girls

2009. Conference Champs: boys

2008. State participant: girls’ team

2008. State Academic Champions: boys

2008. Conference Champs: boys and girls

2005. Section 4 Academic Champions – Boys and Girls

2005. Conference Champs

2001. Welch Invitational 2nd Place

1981. State Participant

Individual Trophies & Awards

2011. All-State: Kirsten Halvorson & Sarah Yockers

2010. All-State: Sarah Yockers

2009. State, 10th place: Kirsten Halvorson

2009. State Coach of the Year – Sarah Halvorson

2009. All-State honors: Kirsten Halvorson, Sarah Yockers, Hannah Anderson

2008. State participants: Alex Bruneau, Johnny Meeker, Kirsten Halvorson, Sarah Yockers

2007. State participants: Johnny Meeker, Cassie Burke

2005. State Participant Jenny Berg

2004. State Participant: Jenny Berg

2003. State Participant: Jenny Berg

1997. State Participant: Lauren Caimey

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